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  • Love In Freshness Love In Freshness By virtue of the advantages in technical accumulation of the German R&D team for more than ten years, the first choice of home appliance brand in Southeast Asia.
  • Air-fryer Air-fryer Gaabor smokeless air fryer is a type of kitchen appliance that has continuously attracted the attention of fried food lovers in the near term.As the star product of home appliance brand Gaabor, Gaabor...
  • Hair-dryer Hair-dryer Why can Gaabor hair dryer be so popular on the Internet? People with a lot of hair always are worried about that their hair is not dry and takes long time to dry it. When you try to use Gaabor hair dr...
  • Fan Fan In summer, an electric fan that can be held in your hand is a must. To solve this pain point, Gaabor launched a handheld electric fan, which can generate strong wind in a concentrated manner and suppl...
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  • Fried Fresh French Fries Fried Fresh French Fries MaterialsFresh Potato500gEdible OilAbout 10-15mlSaltA Little
  • Gaabor Meat Grinder GJ M30A Gaabor Meat Grinder GJ M30A 2L large capacity, one operation to prepare enough meat for the whole family; Stainless steel outlet, solid and wear-resistant;Apparent glass body, mincing meat and cutting vegetables at a glance; Rem...
  • Let's be cool, Gaabor helps you enjoy coze summer life Let's be cool, Gaabor helps you enjoy coze summer life As the temperature is rising in summer, when people are challenged by the sweltering heat. Recently, the leading home appliance brand Gaabor launched the "Let's be cool" campaign on the Internet, wishing to share the secrets of staying cool in summer.
  • About Brand About Brand In 2008, Gabor Lorenz established a laboratory in Germany and led a German technical team to study the application of circulation power in the field of kitchen appliances. In 2015, the team set up a user research center in Singapore to analyze the differences in cooking habits between Asian and European.
  • Rice-cooker Rice-cooker Anti-scalding one-key cover opening; Non-stick thickened spherical inner pot, easy cleaning and maintenance; Big touch panel on top, cooking setting at a glance; Anti-overflow pot probe, worry free f...
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