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Feb 22 , 2022
The Working Principle and Precautions of the Rice Cooker

The Working Principle and Precautions of the Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is a new type of household electrical appliance, mainly used for cooking rice. Nowadays, many people are using rice cookers at home. Rice cooker is an intelligent rice cooking appliance, which can create more convenience for people's daily life. Gaabor GR-S30A rice cooker, with microcomputer control, is easy to use and labor-saving, featuring 3L large capacity, 24-hour reservation, punctual food, 6 major functional menus, which is suitable for the use of 3 to 4 people. With it, you can become a chef in a second.

What is the price of a rice boiler electric in general? The price of rice cookers of different brands and functions is different. How does a rice cooker work? What do you usually need to pay attention to?

1. The working principle of rice cooker

The working principle of multi purpose electric rice cooker: put the inner pot containing the food on the heating plate, and make its bottom fit with the temperature-limiting medium temperature-sensing soft magnet in the center of the heating plate. Press the key switch, the permanent magnet under the soft magnet will rise to contact with the soft magnet; at this time, the pot has not yet heated up, and the soft magnet is below the Curie temperature, showing good ferromagnetism, which can be magnetized by the permanent magnet and held at a high point location. The soft magnet at the high point drives the internal lever action to connect the upper and lower contacts of the circuit, the electric heating element is energized to generate heat, and then the food in the pot is heated up.

When the temperature of the bottom of the inner pot reaches 103±2°C (this is the Curie temperature of the soft magnet), the soft magnet immediately senses and loses its magnetism. The mechanism makes the upper and lower contacts of the circuit disengage, the circuit is disconnected, the electric heating element no longer generates heat, and the purpose of temperature limitation is achieved. But at this time, the heating plate is still in a high heat state, and its heat capacity is large, and it can continue to heat the food in the pot for a period of time until the food is cooked. In order to maintain the food at a suitable temperature, some rice cookers are also equipped with low-power heating circuits, and a bimetal thermostat is used to control their working temperature. Gaabor is also an excellent electric oven factory that produces high quality ovens. Learn more if you are interested.

2. Precautions for the use of rice cooker

Gaabor rice cookers are favored by people because of their beauty, convenience and low power consumption, but their lifespan is often shortened due to improper maintenance. In order to use and maintain the rice boiler electric reasonably and prolong its service life, the following points should be paid attention to: after use and after the inner pot is washed, the water on the outside must be wiped dry before putting it into the rice cooker. The bottom of the pot should avoid collision and deformation. The space between the heating plate and the inner pot must be kept clean, and the rice grains should not fall into the heating plate, which will affect the thermal efficiency or even damage the heating plate. The inner pot can be washed with water, but the outer casing and heating plate should not be soaked in water. Only wipe it with a damp cloth after cutting off the power supply. When using a rice cooker, put the cooked food into the pot first, cover the lid, and then plug in the power plug; unplug the power plug before taking out the food to ensure safety.

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