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The GWEICH Family ——
Mar 05 , 2023

Multi Rice Cooker Recipe

Using Multi Rice Cooker for Sausage Claypot Rice

Using a multi rice cooker to make claypot rice with homemade sausage and rice steamed together balances out the saltiness, with each grain of rice soaked in the unique smoky flavor of the sausage. The result is a shiny and plump dish that will increase your appetite.

The biggest advantage of using a multi rice cooker for claypot rice is that it is very convenient. With Gaabor's GR-S30A rice cooker, the microcomputer control makes everything easy and effortless. Its 3L large capacity makes it suitable for 3-4 people. The 24-hour appointment function ensures that the dish is punctual. With six different menu options, anyone can become a master chef in an instant.

Using Multi Rice Cooker for Braised Pork with Soybeans

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