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Apr 27 , 2022
German Design Gaabor: Embrace Generation-Z

German Design Gaabor: Embrace Generation-Z

Gaabor, a German high-quality home appliance brand, has become a home appliance brand that is deeply loved and concerned by young people after entering the Philippine market for a month.

"Generation Z is a dynamic generation, full of strong curiosity and creativity, and likes new things. The Gaabor fume-free air fryer brings them a new smart kitchen experience, which fully satisfies their needs for smart, convenient and healthy. The vision of a better life," explains James Black, CEO of the Gaabor brand.


Caption: German brand Gaabor, embracing Generation Z

Gaabor's laboratory research found that young people of Gen Z like to use high-quality smart products, like to explore delicious food while paying attention to healthy diet, and like to share delicious food with family and friends. Make it easy for them to work soon.

"This is also an important point for us to do for consumers. As a brand of home appliances with temperature, while ensuring the high quality of products, Gaabor has set the most favorable price for consumers, the classic GA of Gaabor fume-free air fryer -The promotional price of M35A is as low as less than 1,000 yuan." Black said that the Gaabor brand, a professional air fryer factory, is working hard to provide a better cooking experience for the young generation Z at the best price.

In addition, the Gaabor fume-free air fryer continues to surprise young people in the Philippines in terms of operating experience and cooking effects.

Gaabor's classic GA-M35A air fryer 3ltr is equipped with an intelligent system that can be turned on immediately and accurately controls the temperature and timing, so that young people who like to do it themselves and desire simple cooking can free their hands and have a rich food experience at one touch. At the same time, the Gaabor brand adheres to the German ingenuity concept to ensure that the nutrition of the ingredients themselves is maximized during the cooking process, ensuring that the food tastes crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, delicious and juicy.

Exciting prices, fun and healthy food experience, Gaabor brand, driven by the needs of "Generation Z", focuses on the research and development and production of high-quality home appliances, and provides users with German ingenuity and quality products.

Gaabor: Feel the love from fresh food

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