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Apr 13 , 2022
The Dark Horse of the Big Sale: Gaabor, Featured in Shopee Semi-monthly

The Dark Horse of the Big Sale: Gaabor, Featured in Shopee Semi-monthly

As the annual super shopping festival "Double Eleven" came to an end, the sales during the big promotion period in major markets on the Shopee platform came out one after another, and good news came out frequently. Among them, the home appliance brand Gaabor ranked fifth in the small kitchen appliances category in Southeast Asia and second in the kitchen catering category, and was listed in the semi-monthly issue of Shopee magazine in the first half of November.


The Dark Horse of the Big Sale: Gaabor, Featured in Shopee Bimonthly

In recent years, Southeast Asian consumers have continued to increase their pursuit and enthusiasm for branded products. In this Double Eleven promotion on Shopee, Gaabor, a home appliance brand that has been in the Southeast Asian market for just over a month, has achieved remarkable results, occupying a place in the Southeast Asian home appliance market with its strong brand competitiveness.


Launch: Get noticed as soon as you post

Gaabor has been launched on e-commerce platforms in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia since September this year. Since its launch, Gaabor has successfully built a complete e-commerce sales network in various markets, and has channeled traffic from outside the site to the official Shopee Mall through social media, news PR, live video and other channels and forms, supplemented by the support of a professional data team. In the end, this Double Eleven promotion has achieved good results in multiple markets.

Quality: open the market

A quality product is a brand's best weapon. Gaabor has always focused on the research and development and production of high-quality home appliances such as UV mite vacuum cleaner, different types of air fryers and other electric machines, continuously optimized product structure, and actively launched high-quality products such as smart kitchen cooking series, smart personal care series, and smart home cleaning series in the Southeast Asian market. We are committed to providing consumers with a comprehensive smart home life experience.


Gaabor: Provide a full range of smart home life

Among them, the hot-selling Gaabor air fryer series during the Double Eleven promotion period brings together a number of Gaabor core technologies, making the food oil-free and healthy while retaining more moisture, ensuring the taste is delicious and juicy, allowing users to taste delicious food. Apart from this, the egg whisk electric and other products are welcomed by lots of customers.

The Gaabor home appliance brand continues to provide users with ingenious and high-quality products, hoping to bring people a better home life experience, so that people can be attentive to love, share love, and pass on love. In the face of the current challenging market conditions affected by the epidemic, the market competitiveness of the Gaabor brand is still growing steadily by virtue of the brand's own strength and continuous improvement of product advantages.

Gaabor: Feel the love from fresh food

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