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Mar 24 , 2022
Gaabor: Giving You a Fast and Extraordinary Experience

Gaabor: Giving You a Fast and Extraordinary Experience

Since entering the Southeast Asian market this year, the German brand Gaabor has attracted the attention of many consumers with its good performance and atmospheric appearance. Recently, Gaabor released a 3D video of its ace product: Gaabor fume-free air fryer.

Gaabor's Air Fryer: One-touch operation, three-dimensional cooking

Starting from the "German coupe-level experience", this three-dimensional video presents the inner working principle of the Gaabor fume-free air fryer in a dynamic way. The visual shock and super sense of technology in the video screen make people seem to be watching a technology blockbuster.

Under the background of the cool background sound, people see that the current "fires" at the moment when the switch is pressed: the intelligent linkage starts. With the efficient operation of the Gaabor German DC motor, the heating tube quickly starts to circulate and heat, and then comes It is the omni-directional circulation of the Gaabor cyclone air hot air system and the gorgeous transformation of the ingredients.

As a leading air fryer factory, the Gaabor brand cooperates with the famous local Mercedes-Benz designers in Germany to introduce the concept of the oil circuit system in Mercedes-Benz cars into the product, combined with its own flagship Gaabor Cyclone air cold and heat circulation air guide system + Accurate segmented precision cooking + Oil-Fume filter Oil system, innovating technology and cooking concepts, and constantly upgrading product performance.

The button start link that appears at the beginning of the video is presented with the orange Gaabor logo. Orange is a special setting made by the Gaabor brand based on user perception. The orange color of the switches and handles of various Gaabor fume-free air fryers can directly attract users' visual attention, and users can experience the delicious taste brought by Gaabor by touching it.

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