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Jan 16 , 2024

Proper Use of Juicers Can Prolong their Lifespan

If every family has a juicer, we can drink a cup of freshly squeezed juice every morning. Not only in the morning, but also when we have free time, we have the habit of supplementing nutrition by squeezing juice. So how do we extend the life of the juicer? This requires us to pay attention to the precautions of the rechargeable juicer.

A juicer is a machine that can quickly squeeze fruits and vegetables into juice, and it is small and suitable for home use. It was invented as early as 1930 by Dr. Norman Walker, who became famous for inventing the world's first juicer and was known as the father of the living juice machine. Based on this, designers have improved and developed different styles and principles of juicers. The GF-M08A juicer (portable juicer) has a capacity of 800mL and can be used by 1-2 people. It has one-key start for more convenient operation, a high-power copper motor for durability, and a food-grade AS cup for double safety.

Steps for using the rechargeable juicer

1. Check whether it is intact before use. Align the frame of the rechargeable juicer vertically with the main unit and put it down, and assemble it in place. Align the bottom of the juice filter with the motor wheel, press it down with both hands evenly, confirm that it is pressed into place, and rotate it a few times to see if it scratches the frame.

2. Fasten the safety buckle. Install the top cover of the juicer and fasten the safety buckle. When fastening the safety buckle, please first fasten the upper part, and then press down to fasten it in place. When disassembling, just do the opposite. First open the bottom part of the buckle to open the safety buckle.

3. Prepare the juice ingredients in advance. Peel and pit the vegetables and fruits, wash them clean, and chop them if they are larger than the feeding port.

4. Turn on the machine. Put the fruits and vegetables into the juicer, press them down with the push rod, and you can squeeze out fresh and delicious juice.

Precautions for using the rechargeable juicer

First, the rechargeable juicer is easy to operate and has safety protection functions. Due to the high-speed rotation of the juicer, it can be dangerous. Therefore, pay attention to the safety protection design of the juicer. The juicer generally has a safety locking device, and the machine cannot work when the accessory is not installed properly. When purchasing, be careful to start the power supply without installing the accessories, and check whether the machine is equipped with a safety locking device.

Second, the rechargeable juicer is easy to clean and operate. Due to frequent use of juicing, there will be a lot of residue left inside the juicer. For the sake of dietary health, cleaning becomes very important. A good juicer should be easy to clean, convenient, and fast.

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