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May 06 , 2022
Home Appliance Brand Gaabor: Changing the Traditional Floor Cleaning

Home Appliance Brand Gaabor: Changing the Traditional Floor Cleaning

Recently, Gaabor, a leading brand of smart home appliances, was launched in the Southeast Asian market. The leading product of its home cleaning line: the Gaabor vacuum cleaner series, has taken another powerful step in creating a smarter home life for the people of Southeast Asia. At present, the Gaabor vacuum cleaner series has been launched on two major e-commerce platforms, Shopee and Lazada.


Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner launched in Southeast Asia market

In the post-epidemic era, people pay more attention to a healthy lifestyle and have a higher demand for home cleaning experience. The Gaabor brand launched smart cleaning personal care appliances such as vacuum cleaners, suction and drag all-in-one machines, dust mite cleaning machine, hair dryers, and air purifiers in Southeast Asia in a timely manner. Effective home life health protection barrier.

Industry-leading core technology

Lightweight and efficient, the Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner series utilizes a 33,000 RPM high-speed motor to generate up to 16,000pa--19,000pa of suction, taking fast, powerful cleaning to the next level. This unrivaled power means Gaabor vacuums can remove dust and deep debris more efficiently and thoroughly than any other cleaner on the market. The Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner series utilizes a number of key technological breakthroughs to provide a comprehensive and optimal operating experience for home deep cleaning.


Gaabor's smart vacuum cleaner

Reliable brand service

The product line of Gaabor smart vacuum cleaners covers a variety of different models of mite remover vacuum and powerful suction and drag all-in-one machines to meet the various needs of users for home cleaning. At the same time, as a high-quality and warm home appliance brand, we provide supporting after-sales service. Based on the rapid growth of product sales on e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, Gaabor provides after-sales service that quality problems occur within one year of purchase of the smart vacuum cleaner series, which can only be replaced but not repaired, so that consumers can buy with confidence and use them with peace of mind.

"The Gaabor brand is in a period of rapid development in the Southeast Asian market, and we hope to continue to provide more families with high-quality and competitive products," said Branden, head of Gaabor's Asia-Pacific region. The people of Southeast Asia are offering a new way to clean their smart homes, delivering an exceptional floor cleaning experience and allowing people to experience smart appliance technology at an affordable price.”

Gaabor: Feel the love from fresh food

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