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Jul 28 , 2022

Super Handy Rice Cooker Recipes

Rice cookers are mostly used to cook rice at home. In fact, rice cookers are a cooking artifact that can make a lot of delicious food. Here comes the rice maker electric recipe to save the handicapped, you only need a rice cooker, cut things into the pot and put some seasonings in it, you can eat all kinds of delicious food you want! A skill that a novice kitchen novice can easily acquire!

1. Super convenient rice maker cooker recipes

Don't think that the rice maker cooker can only cook rice! Cooking and meat all the way! Nowadays, there are more and more functions of rice cookers. Some high-end rice cookers have the function of cooking, which can make delicious food. And cooking is very convenient, suitable for lazy people, can be described as the welfare of lazy people, let's take a look.

Rice cooker braised chicken: Prepare a tender chicken, use scissors to cut off the head and buttocks of the chicken, chop off the front of the chicken feet, wash it thoroughly, drain the water, and put it in a larger container. , Clean a few green onions and tie them into a green onion knot, prepare a small bowl, pour one and a half spoons of cooking wine, two spoons of light soy sauce, one spoon of old soy sauce, two spoons of oil, one spoon of sugar, two spoons of pepper, and then add an appropriate amount of ginger Slices, stir thoroughly, use scallion dipping sauce to spread evenly all over the body first, you have to rub it back and forth repeatedly, so that the scallion juice will also come out. After rubbing the chicken back, start rubbing it on the stomach. I also wiped the inside of the chicken belly. , continue to use the green onion knots, put them in the chicken belly, and put all the ginger slices in, then pour half of the sauce into it, then continue to spread evenly, cover with plastic wrap and marinate for a few hours, if you have time One night in the refrigerator is best. The washed onion in the inner pot of the rice maker cooker is divided into two sections and spread a little on the bottom of the pot and then the ginger slices. It is estimated that it will take about an hour to cook in the rice maker cooker. You can directly open the smear in the middle, open the pot, it is too fragrant Be careful not to fall apart and become too soft when you put it on the plate.

2. Other recipes of rice maker cooker

Change the pattern to make the staple food, a rice maker cooker, add rice and various favorite ingredients, just press the "cook rice" button, you can wait for the delicious stewed rice to come out of the pot. During the stewing process, the aroma of the food is diffused with the steam, and the stomach is instantly hungry. With a rice maker cooker, the staple food is not the same every day. GR-S30A rice cooker, microcomputer control, easy and labor-saving; 3L large capacity, suitable for 3-4 people; 24-hour reservation, food on time; 6 major functional menus, become a chef in one second.

Rice cookers can be used to make desserts. For those who love to eat cakes and have always wanted to make cakes, but suffer from no oven, they can do it by themselves in the future. Homemade rice maker cooker cake, put whatever you like to eat, and you can make it for guests at home during holidays.

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