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Mar 31 , 2022
Shahkrit:Gaabor's First Fryer Ambassador

Shahkrit:Gaabor's First Fryer Ambassador

The ongoing 9.9 Super Shopping Festival is a shopping spree created by Shopee for Southeast Asian users, and it is also the first big promotion that the Gaabor household appliance brand has participated in since it officially entered the Southeast Asian market. To this end, Gaabor specially invited Shahkrit, a famous Thai film and TV actor, as Gaabor's first fryer ambassador in Thailand.

At the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Festival, Shahkrit introduced Gaabor's flagship product, the Gaabor No-Fume Air Fryer (GA-M35A). This air fryer 3ltr has the effect of making food easy to turn into crispy outside and tender inside, delicious and juicy food without adding oil or oil, and can provide users with a healthier fried food experience in their own kitchens.


Shahkrit:Gaabor's first fryer "ambassador"

For Shahkrit, the Gaabor fume-free air fryer is trustworthy. Because using this product can make him as an actor feel more at ease when tasting food, and at the same time he thinks that the food cooked with Gaabor's products tastes very delicious.

In addition to actor, Shahkrit has another identity: food critic. "He is a host on the cooking show Krua Laew Tae Krit, Thai-Korean cooking show The Team Chef and was a host of Iron Chef Thailand." A food TV show introduced Shahkrit. Gaabor gave this "foodie" a whole new experience with fried food.

The Gaabor fume-free air fryer features the Gaabor Cyclone Air cold and heat circulation air guide system + Accurate segmented precision cooking + Oil-Fume oil filter system, which adds freshness options to the functions of general air fryers. Gaabor makes food heating more evenly and temperature control more stable, ensuring the food is delicious and juicy and healthy and nutritious.

As Gaabor's first fryer "ambassador" in Thailand, Shahkrit is amazed at the high quality and cost-effectiveness of Gaabor products such as air fryer and portable juicer, and recommends that more people pay attention to Gaabor.

About Gaabor:

Gaabor is a brand of household appliances. It was founded by Gabor Lorenz, a German kitchen and stove industry doer and entrepreneur. The main product is Gaabor Cyclone air cold and heat circulation air guide system + Accurate segmented precision cooking + Oil-Fume oil filter system. We are committed to providing users with a smart, convenient, healthy and rich life experience with a series of high-quality and warm products. In 2021, Gaabor will officially enter the Asian market.

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