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Dec 18 , 2023

Tips for Choosing an Electric Eggbeater

Understand electric eggbeater

The electric eggbeater is used to beat and mix the egg white and egg yolk into a uniform egg liquid, or to separately beat the egg white and egg yolk until foamy. It can quickly and easily beat and mix the egg white and egg yolk into a uniform egg liquid, which can be used for making steamed eggs.

GE-M02A eggbeater, copper wire motor for longer-lasting power; 5-speed adjustable, control the speed as desired; stainless steel double rods, dual-use machine; 200W high-power motor, almost no waiting time.

Tips for choosing an electric whisk

Choose based on the power of the electric eggbeater

Currently, electric eggbeaters on the market have different power ratings, generally between 50W-200W. It is recommended to choose an electric whisk with a slightly higher power rating. It is best not to choose one with a power rating lower than 100W. A lower power rating means more time is needed to beat ingredients, and low-power egg beaters often have many counterfeit and shoddy products that are prone to breakage.

Choose based on the material of the beaters

The beaters are the part installed on the eggbeater used to beat and mix the eggs. Since they come into direct contact with the eggs, the safety of their quality is crucial. Cheap beaters are generally made of second-hand recycled metal materials, which are not durable and may rust and peel off after prolonged use, posing a great risk to food safety. High-quality beaters are usually made of stainless steel with chrome plating, with safe and reliable materials that never rust. They are also equipped with two beaters, making the beating process highly efficient.

Choose based on the speed settings of the eggbeater

Many people do not pay attention to the speed settings when choosing an electric whisk, thinking that as long as it can beat eggs, it is fine even if there is only one speed setting. However, the speed settings of an electric eggbeater are mainly used to control the speed of beating. Different foods require different speeds for mixing. For example, high-speed mixing is suitable for beating eggs, medium-speed mixing is suitable for beating cream and butter, and low-speed mixing is suitable for making pudding. Therefore, when choosing, it is best to choose an egg beater with more speed adjustments.

Choose based on the design for heat dissipation

We know that when the electric eggbeater is in operation, it generates a significant amount of heat within a short period of time due to continuous high-speed rotation. How to dissipate heat becomes crucial. Inferior electric egg beaters, due to the lack of dedicated heat dissipation design, can feel hot in the motor after just one or two minutes of use, and even emit a burnt plastic smell. High-quality electric egg beaters are equipped with dedicated heat dissipation vents and utilize the principle of airflow for heat dissipation, effectively extending the continuous working time of the product and the lifespan of the motor.

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