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Jul 01 , 2022

The Working Principle and Use of Air Fryer

The most unmissable thing in life is food, oil-free cooking, more choices, more flavors, and a good taste of life. Gaabor air fryer allows you to be a foodie with peace of mind without worrying about the problem of too much oil and too much fat.

Health is the first priority of high-quality life now. Not only delicious food, but also unique flavor, life is full of ritual and fun. So in today's rapid development of science and technology, kitchen smart products are all kinds of strange, and the air fryer can bring you a sense of ceremony and deliciousness, so everyone knows what an air fryer is? How exactly does an air fryer work?

1. How does an air fryer work?

First of all, the working principle of the Gaabor air fryer is to use high-speed air circulation technology 360° three-dimensional hot air circulation, heat evenly, and reduce the fat content of traditional electric fryers by up to 80%. Delicious French fries. Frying with the Gaabor Air Fryer produces less odor and steam than conventional frying, starts instantly and sets the temperature, cooks without waiting, and is easy to clean in daily use, making it safe and economical.

The working principle of the air fryer is divided into the following steps: the first step: the rapid heating of the air through the top roasting unit; the second step: the rapid circulation of heat flow inside the food basket by the high-powered fan; the third step: the food basket The special texture on the inner side forms a vortex heat flow, and the 360° three-dimensional hot air circulates in all directions to quickly take away the water vapor generated by heating. The three functions work together to form a golden and crispy surface layer on the surface to achieve the appearance and taste of frying.

2. Use an air fryer

When using the air fryer to make food, you can understand that in the process of making food with this tool, because the production technology such as air heating is used inside, the related ingredients are very good in terms of taste. . Compared with the oven, it is much better. Basically, it can be close to the taste effect of frying. It is necessary to master these situations in the production.

How to use the air fryer is very easy to master. Therefore, although this air fryer household appliance has many overlapping functions with the oven, it is not only very convenient to use, but also the taste of cooking food is very good. And there is no conflict between the oven and this new type of air fryer household appliance in the family, and it is more convenient to cook when using it.

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