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Apr 10 , 2023

Types and Selection of Egg Beater Machines

One of the essential kitchen tools for beating eggs is the egg beater machine. The Gaabor GE-M01A egg beater machine has a copper wire motor that provides more lasting power. It has seven adjustable speeds to control the speed at will, with stainless steel double bars that make it a dual-purpose machine.

Types of the egg beater machine

Manual egg beater machine

It uses human power to control the strength and frequency, making it compact, lightweight, cheap, and preventing the bottom from getting burnt when heating and stirring the ingredients. However, it takes more time and effort, and the force is not enough when beating egg or batter, leading to incomplete beating. It is generally used in situations that are easy to stir, such as beating eggs, butter, and simple batter.

Electric egg blender

Due to the high-speed rotation of the motor, it can beat egg whites or cream to hard foam in a shorter time, saving time and effort. However, when mixing batter, it is easy to make the dough elastic, affecting the taste, and it is also easy to scratch the container. It is usually used for highly foamed egg or batter and is especially needed for making cakes and whipped cream.

Semi-automatic egg blender

It uses a semi-automatic rotating design, which is more time-saving and labor-saving than a manual  egg beater machine. Its foam is very uniform, but it is more expensive. Compared with an electric egg blender, it is smaller, easier to use, but rotates at a slower speed, making it impossible to whip egg or batter to a great extent. It is generally suitable for home use for easily stirred ingredients and can basically replace a manual egg beater.

Egg beater machine purchasing guide

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