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Mar 19 , 2023

Why Do You Need a Mini Portable Juicer?

The emergence of mini portable juicer

Everyone knows about juicers. The old-fashioned juicers could squeeze some hard things (like ice cubes), but they were large, heavy, and took up a lot of space. The speed can reach up to 100000r/min, but it runs with a loud noise and is dangerous; In addition, because there are many components, cleaning is also very troublesome. For one-person use, the amount is too much.

Therefore, the advantages of mini portable juicer are obvious. The body is small and lightweight, convenient to carry out for use, and has a high appearance value. A small part is powered by electricity, and most are rechargeable. There are fewer components, making it easy to clean. Drink it immediately after the juice is squeezed, you can directly lift up the juice cup to drink without wasting the fruit residue inside. The Gaabor GF-M08A juicer (portable juicer) has a capacity of 800mL and can be used by 1-2 people. One-click start, more convenient operation; 300W high-power copper motor, durable; food-grade AS cup, double safety. GF-M40 juicer (portable juicer) has wireless juicing; portable; a powerful core with long battery life; capacity of 300ML.

Recipes for mini portable juicer

The mini portable juicer is different from a large juicer. It is small, easy to move, and can be carried out. If you want to use it in the office, you can take a look at these recipes and make the most of it.

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