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Jul 08 , 2022

Tips for Cleaning Your Air Fryer

The kitchen appliances that are more difficult to clean must be those that make food with a relatively large oil content, because after each use, the food residues, grease and various sauces left inside make the pot very difficult to clean. So in order to help everyone solve this trouble, how to clean the air fryer?

Gaabor's GA-M6A air fryer, the inner pot has a non-stick coating, which is easy to clean and much less difficult to clean. With the matching tools, the cleaning difficulty will be very low, and you don't need to worry about it. Annoying, instant cleaning is the most effective and best cleaning method for this type of machine.

1. Clean the air fryer: tool bristle brush

Cleaning these greasy appliances can be a real headache, but it's a lot easier if you have a handy tool. The air fryer has a special cleaning tool - a bristle brush. Generally, when you buy it on your behalf, the merchant will not provide it for you, but it is sold online, so you can buy one yourself. After you have this tool, The food residue and other stains left on the pot body can be easily brushed off after a simple soaking. Moreover, this tool is very soft and will not cause any damage to the pot body, so you can use it with confidence.

2. Clean the air fryer: Lay out baking paper in advance

There are many kitchen utensils that can help us reduce the trouble of cleaning appliances, such as baking paper. Before using the air fryer, you can spray a little oil on the frying net, and then spread the baking paper in the machine, so as to avoid Some foods that are easy to stick to the pot or have a relatively high viscosity are attached to the pot body. If these food residues do not adhere to the pot body, the frying net and inner tank basically only have oil stains and some sauces that are easier to handle. It will be much easier to get up.

3. Clean the air fryer: soft tools

When cleaning the liner, be sure to use softer tools, such as sponges, steel brushes and cleaning balls, which are not recommended for everyone, because they will damage the coating of the liner, although the cleaning strength is relatively high High, but after a long time of use, the food will be more easily attached to the inner tank, which will be more troublesome to clean, so everyone should use some soft tools as much as possible, so that the timely cleaning time will be longer, but it is not suitable for air frying. There is no damage to the pot itself.

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