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Dec 20 , 2021
Gaabor Kitchen Appliances Officially Enters the Southeast Asian Market

Gaabor Kitchen Appliances Officially Enters the Southeast Asian Market

Recently, Gaabor, a kitchen appliance brand, which ranks among the best-selling brands of home appliance in China and Europe, has quietly developed the air fryer category which is popular nowadays in the home appliance industry, and brought Gaabor smokeless air fryer which is a single hot-sale product ranking first among the product lines under the Gaabor brand series into the home appliance market in Southeast Asia, which is the first step of Gaabor.

Gaabor, a professional air fryer factory, one of the leading retailers in the European home appliance online market, was founded by Gabor Lorenz, a doer and entrepreneur in the German kitchen range industry. Driven by the "Generation Z" demand, it focuses on the research and development and production of high-quality home appliances, so as to provide users with German ingenious and high-quality products.

In recent years, Gaabor has focused on global business expansion, and its customers have been all over many countries and regions in South and North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific. Gaabor, which has reserves of more than ten categories SKU, has entered the global retail market with kitchen appliances as the pioneer. At present, Gaabor has many best-selling items in the air fryer series and the rice maker cooker series.

Gaabor smokeless air fryer has a strong base of product quality and scale advantages, and is the top single product on Amazon's online sales list in Central Europe. The loyal users of Gaabor smokeless GA-M35A air fryer 3ltr have made some pertinent evaluations:

"I used to think that cooking is very troublesome, but the Gaabor smokeless air fryer made me change my opinion. It allowed me to enjoy cooking. More importantly, I found that this air fryer is easy to operate and the food cooked by it is delicious, tender and juicy."

In addition to the category characteristics of being healthy and smokeless, Gaabor smokeless air fryer has innovated and inherited the core technologies which support Gaabor brand development: Gaabor Cyclone air cold and hot circulation ventilation system + Accurate sectional and cooking + Oil-Fume filtering system. Therefore, the food is heated more evenly, the temperature control is more stable, and the moisture of the food is quickly locked while a crispy taste of fried food can be ensured.

You can select the capacity from 3.5L to 6.0L. It can be applied in many family scenes in different ways to satisfy people's demand on fried food. A variety of preset programs for one-key cooking are available, easy to learn, and the cooked food tastes fresh and tender, healthy and has light oil. With the classic and delicate appearance and high-grade gray or warm orange color, the Gaabor smokeless air fryer equips with high quality and many functions, enabling more consumers to find it and choose it.

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