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Apr 22 , 2023

Methods and Selection Tips for Using Electric Meat Grinders

Understanding Electric Meat Grinder

What is an electric meat grinder? As the name suggests, it is a small machine used to grind meat. More and more families are beginning to use home electric meat grinders, making them the new favorite among kitchen appliances. Besides grinding meat, electric meat grinders can also be used to grind other ingredients such as vegetables, fruits and peanuts. So, what are some things to pay attention to when purchasing an electric grinder meat?

Choosing an Electric Meat Grinder

When choosing an electric grinder meat, you can start with these two aspects:

Understanding the function:

When buying an electric meat blender, the first thing you need to understand is its function. Check whether it can be used solely for grinding meat or can also be used for other operations such as mixing vegetables and making jams. Then, choose an appropriate meat grinder according to your needs.

Checking for noise:

When buying an electric grinder meat, try it out to see if it produces noise and how loud it is while functioning. Generally, the lesser the noise produced, the better the quality of the meat grinder, and the more popular it will be. The GJ-M20 food processing machine (meat grinder) has a double-layer four-dimensional S-shaped cutting blade that allows multi-angle cutting of ingredients, a 200W copper motor, fast and quiet operation, a 2L large capacity that can prepare enough meat stuffing for the whole family in one go, a stainless steel water outlet and is durable and wear-resistant.

How to use an Electric Meat Grinder?

Specific usage method: Before using an electric meat blender, clean it thoroughly. Wash the parts that can be washed with water, dry them and then assemble them. After assembling, connect the power supply and check if the meat grinder works correctly. If it does not work correctly, check for faults to see where the problem lies.

Once you confirm that the electric meat blender is working correctly, you can put the food you want to grind, such as meat, vegetables, and fruits, into the meat grinder. However, for meat that has bones, remove them first to avoid damaging the meat grinder. For fruits and vegetables, cut them into thin strips or chunks to speed up the grinding process.

After putting the food into the meat grinder, turn on the switch to start the machine. If you notice any abnormality or electrical leakage during the operation, turn off the power immediately and check if the machine has a problem or if it is an electrical fault. After using the meat grinder, clean it promptly, dry it and store it in the cabinet.

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