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Jan 07 , 2023

How to Bake Bread in an Electric Grill?

Nowadays, many households own a lot of household appliances, including electric grills. However, many people only use it to heat up food without understanding its full potential. In fact, electric grills can be used to make a variety of foods, such as pizza and bread, with the taste comparable to those from a bakery. But how can we use an electric grill to bake bread?

The purpose of the oven is to make cooking more convenient, so controlling the heat and simplifying the operation are essential. Both of these can be achieved with the Gaabor electric grill. Equipped with M-shaped heating tubes, the Gaabor electric grill can produce a more uniform double heat. With dual knobs control, baking can be started with just one-click. The Gaabor electric grill relieves you of the cooking pressure when gathering with family and friends.

Using the electric grill to bake bread

Ingredient preparation: When using the electric grill to bake bread, first prepare the necessary ingredients, including one egg, a bottle of milk, honey, cooking oil, dry yeast, salt, sugar, and 800 grams of high-gluten flour, in addition to some baking tools.

Dough fermentation: 

Precautions when using an electric grill

When using the electric grill, people should follow the instructions. Furthermore, the oven should be placed on a flat and stable surface, and the glass window and socket should be kept clean during use. In addition, when taking out food, turn off the power, use a handle fork to hold the baking tray to avoid scalding your fingers by touching the heating elements.

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