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Jan 19 , 2024

Reasons Why the Rechargeable Portable Juicer Cannot Charge

Rechargeable portable juicer: convenient and affordable, loved by many people. When using an electric juicer in daily life, you need to charge it first. Insert the magnetic charging cable into a standard socket, and then attach the magnetic head of the cable to the charging dock of the main unit to charge the product. Sometimes, there may be situations where it cannot be charged, mainly due to reasons like incorrectly inserted or damaged charging port, lack of power in the socket, or short circuit in the components on the control board. So, how to charge the rechargeable portable juicer and what are the reasons why the juicer's battery cannot be charged?

How to charge a rechargeable portable juicer?

The GF-M08A juicer (portable juicer) has a capacity of 800mL, suitable for 1-2 people to use. It has one-key operation for convenient use, a high-power copper motor for durability, and a food-grade AS cup for double safety.

What are the reasons why the battery of the rechargeable portable juicer cannot be charged?

If after checking all these reasons, the device still cannot be charged, it indicates a hardware problem with the rechargeable portable juicer itself. In this case, it needs to be sent to an after-sales service center for professional repair.

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