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Recently, Gaabor found that unscrupulous elements are violating the rights and interests of the brand, and there is counterfeit Gaabor product information to build a website to deceive consumers. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of the public and prevent adverse events, we would like to remind the following.

I. Currently, there is only one official website for Gaabor, the official global website at Meanwhile, the official website of Gaabor only provides product displays and does not provide sales services. Consumers who need to purchase Gaabor brand products should do so at their local Shopee and Lazada online stores.

II. Gaabor has never authorized any other organization or individual to operate or act as an agent for Gaabor-related products. Gaabor attaches great importance to and actively protects its own rights and interests through legal means and has quickly set up a professional team to deal with such incidents.

III. As always, Gaabor values and strives to protect the rights and interests of consumers. We hope that users will recognize the domain name and pay attention to screening when accessing Gaabor's website through unfamiliar sources such as QR codes and hyperlinks, and be careful not to be deceived. If you find a counterfeit Gaabor website or social account, please send an email with the URL, screenshots, and other, relevant information to Gaabor's official email address Thank you for your support.

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