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Roasted Chicken Wings

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fresh chicken wingswelsh onion
saltdark soy sauce
cooking winea little rock candy.

Cooking Method

1. Wash the chicken wings, soak them in clean water for 30 minutes, then pour away the bloody water and clean them;

2. Marinate with welsh onion, ginger, garlic, salt, dark soy sauce, rock candy, cooking wine and other condiments marinate for 2 hours;

3. Put tinfoil in the fryer, and then put the chicken wings into the baking tray;

4. Put the chicken wings into the frying basket, with skin down, and fry for 15-20 minutes at 200℃;

5. After 5 minutes, move the chicken wings with chopsticks to prevent sticking to the fryer, with skin down, and remove and turn them over again after 10 minutes.


1. Increase or decrease the condiments and baking time according to your own tastes and the tenderness of chicken wings;

2. Cut the front and back of the chicken wings to make them tasty, and put a tinfoil for easy cleaning.

PS: Not only can the chicken wings achieve the deep-fried taste, but also the fat can be separated out, so they are very healthy!

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