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Sep 05 , 2022
Functions and Using Tips of Air Fryer

Functions and Using Tips of Air Fryer

Some people use air fryers with a layer of oiled paper, but some don't. Should air fryers have a layer of oiled paper? What is the use of an air fryer? If you're a fat reducer, an air fryer can actually reduce the calories and fat in some foods and is worth buying. The Gaabor smokeless air fryer is one of the kitchen appliances that has been getting a lot of attention from fried food lovers lately. The star product of Gaabor, the Gaabor Smokeless Air Fryer is dedicated to providing users with a healthier cooking experience.

1. What is the role of the air fryer?

Air fryer baking machine by use of the pot of heated air, because in the pot to form a closed state, so I can recycle the heat, to make a short period of time in the pot can form high temperature, which can take away food on the surface of the water, make its appearance is very crisp, to reach and Fried similar results.

But for the air fryer, is not a lot of oil, like no grease food just need to coat the surface with a thin layer of oil can be, on the other hand, greasy food does not need to be coated, and the air fryer can also reduce its oil content, making food more healthy. Gaabor GA-M35A air fryer, 360% three-dimensional hot air circulation, heating evenly; Knob open, time fixed temperature, without waiting can be out of the pot; 3.5L large capacity, enough to meet the needs of the whole family; 6 function menus, you too can be a chef.

2. Air fryer should not pad oil paper

Oil paper should not be used in the air fryer, because the high temperature of the air fryer will carbonize the paper, causing the paper to become brittle and break. The high temperature of the airfryer generates a conversion of electrical energy. At first, it needs to be preheated. The principle is that the air is quickly heated through the baking device at the top of the fryer.

3. The use of air fryer

Air fryer usage: 1, the first air fryer on the level of the plane, and then in advance of the salted food into the air fryer, the pot closed. 2, after the air fryer is energized, adjust the appropriate cooking time and temperature according to the fried food, and start the air fryer. 3. During the cooking process, the air outlet of the air fryer should be placed in a place where there is ventilation and no other items, such as a vent or window. 4. When the food is finished cooking, remove the food and let the air fryer cool for 30 minutes. 5. When the air fryer is completely cooled, gently clean the parts that can be cleaned with detergent and sponge.

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