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Sep 05 , 2022

The role and tips of air fryers

Some people use air fryers with a layer of greaseproof paper, but some do not. Is a greaseproof paper necessary? If you want to lose weight, then the air fryer can really reduce the calories and fats of some foods, it is worth buying. Gaabor Smokeless Air Fryer is a kitchen appliance that has been gaining attention from fried food lovers recently. Gaabor Smokeless Air Fryer is dedicated to providing a healthier cooking experience.

1. What does the air fryer do?

The air fryer heats the air inside the machine. Because of the closed state formed in the air fryer, so the heat can be recycled, high temperatures can be developed in the air fryer in a short time, thus it can take away those moisture on the surface of the food. Hot air makes the food crispy on the outside and achieves a similar result to deep frying.

Cooking with an air fryer doesn't require a lot of oil, foods like those without grease only need to be coated with a thin layer of oil on their surface, food with oil does not need to be greased. And the air fryer uses less fat, making the food healthier. Gaabor GA-M35A air fryer with 360° 3D hot air circulation for even heating, turn on the knob, timer and temperature, 3.5L big capacity, good for big family, 6 menu settings, you can the chef at home.

2. Is greaseproof paper necessary?

You shouldn't use greaseproof paper when using an air fryer, because the high temperature will carbonize the greaseproof papr, this causes the greaseproof paper to become brittle and thus shatter.

3. Usage of air fryer

Usage of the air fryer:1, Placed the air fryer on a horizontal plane, then put the food into the air fryer. 2, Adjust the settings according to the food needs and turn on the air fryer. 3, After the food is cooked, remove the food and let the air fryer cool for 30 minutes. 4, wait until the air fryer is completely cooled, and reins the basket with water.

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