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Mar 13 , 2023

How to Make Cake with a Multipurpose Electric Cooker?

Using a multipurpose electric rice cooker to make cake

It may seem ordinary to bake cake in an oven, but some people don't want to buy an oven for various reasons but still want to make their own cake. Is there a good way to do this? Of course there is! We can use a multipurpose electric rice cooker to make cake. This cake is not strictly baked, nor steamed, but rather simmered. Gaabor's GR-N18A rice cooker has a large capacity of 1.8L, suitable for 3-4 people; steaming, frying, boiling and various dishes will open your appetite; food-grade non-stick coating is easy to clean and maintain; two heating modes, always under control.

Recipe for multipurpose electric rice cooker cake

Step 1

Prepare the ingredients: low-gluten flour, fresh eggs with shells, granulated sugar, milk, corn oil;

Step 2

Separate the egg whites and yolks, put the egg whites in a clean bowl without oil or water; beat the egg yolks by hand, pour in the corn oil, mix together, then pour in the milk and stir evenly until no oil appears; sift in low-gluten flour; use your hand to mix the flour and egg yolk batter evenly in an irregular direction, lifting the hand to make the batter fall down like a ribbon, and set aside for use;

Step 3

Use an electric eggbeater to beat the egg whites into coarse foam, add granulated sugar three times, after beating coarse foam, and after beating fine white foam, and after beating fine white foam with lines; After adding granulated sugar for the third time, the electric eggbeater changes from high speed to medium and low speed to make the large air bubbles in the egg white batter become small, and the egg white batter becomes delicate and shiny; when you feel resistance in the eggbeater, turn off the eggbeater, the egg white batter should form small pointed corners or small curved corners; take 1/3 of the egg white batter and mix it evenly into the egg yolk batter, then pour it back into the egg white bowl; use a scraper to fold the mixture clockwise from 2 o'clock to 8 o'clock, from bottom to top, and turn the bowl counterclockwise slowly. The egg white batter is mixed with the egg yolk batter evenly, presenting a delicate and shiny cake batter; Multipurpose electric cooker inner pot is cleaned in advance to ensure that there is no oil or water on the inner wall; pour the cake batter into the inner pot and flatten the surface with a scraper.

Step 4

The multipurpose electric cooker has a "cake" function, just press it lightly and wait for it to come out of the pot, if there is no "cake" function, you can use the simmer function, which takes about 1 hour. Different rice cookers have different cooking time and heat, so adjust the time according to the actual situation of the rice cooker; when the time is up, open the lid directly, take out the inner pot, and invert it on a cooling rack; the inner wall of the rice cooker is coated with a non-stick layer, so invert it for about 10 minutes, and the cake will automatically come out of the mold without any manual effort.

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