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Dec 26 , 2022

Gaabor: "Three Key Words", Making Southeast Asia's Leading Household Appliance Brand

In June every year, Southeast Asian consumers' enthusiasm for shopping is on the rise. In the past June 6th promotion, the Philippine national enthusiasm for consumption was fully unleashed, and Gaabor household appliance brand was ranked among the best sellers again, of which the small kitchen appliance category held its first place and the vacuum cleaner category maintained its third place on the Shopee platform, and the small household appliance category hit the second place on the Lazada platform.


Achievements of Gaabor June 6th Promotion in Philippines.

Since 2022, Gaabor has been among the top multi-category sales on both leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, which keeps on leading the boom of the smart household appliance market. In this regard, Mr. Gabor Lorenz, Gaabor's chief engineer and founder, recently explained Gaabor's outstanding achievements in three key words, namely "quality", "innovation" and "exploration".

Quality · German gene

Being expert in German kitchen appliances, Mr. Gabor Lorenz has been researching industry technology over years. Since 2008, he has been leading a team of German experts to establish a R&D center and several product labs, focusing on the research of high-quality household appliance technology.

By virtue of cutting-edge product technology and concepts, as well as strict QC & QA, the Gaabor brand has been leading in the small kitchen appliance category in the Southeast Asian market for more than two months since its establishment in 2021. The best-selling product, Gaabor air fryer, was well recognized and received by consumers for its superior performance and effective healthy cooking in light of multiple first-of-its-kind technologies.


Gaabor: "quality", "innovation" and "exploration".

Innovation · Headmost technology

Based on in-depth exploration of user's needs, Gaabor keeps on upgrading the product technology, which is the first to embrace the Dual Circo Roots blower system and fast steam lock technology in its latest Gaabor air fryers.

To satisfy the user's pursuit of healthy and less oily food with nutrition, Gaabor redefines a new generation of healthy lifestyle with its latest product technology, while ensuring the delicious taste of food; it fully meets the user's needs for nutritional supplements and ushers in 4.0 cooking method.

Exploration  · Multi-scenarios

As a leading brand of high-quality and healthy life, Gaabor is user-oriented. Besides kitchen appliances, it deeply explores the market demand, actively developing core product lines such as household, personal care appliances and launching Gaabor smart vacuum cleaners, vertical fans, mite removal devices and other high-quality products to bring an all-round healthy home life covering multiple scenarios, such as kitchen, living room and bedroom.

As one of the top brands of small household appliances in Southeast Asia, Gaabor has always been pursuing the continuous development of product and brand awareness, making continuous improvements and striving to create a smarter and healthier all-round modern home life for users.

Gaabor, love in freshness.

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