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Apr 20 , 2022
Top-selling Appliance Brand Gaabor: Bringing Food to Life

Top-selling Appliance Brand Gaabor: Bringing Food to Life

Since the German home appliance brand Gaabor entered the Southeast Asian market in early September this year, it has attracted widespread attention and product sales have soared. In the just past "Double Eleven" promotion, Gaabor's ace product, the Gaabor fume-free air fryer series, was all sold out in online malls in the Philippines. At the same time, a variety of Gaabor fume-free air fryer gourmet recipes detonated social networks, and Gaabor caused a wave of creative gourmet cuisine in Southeast Asia.

The Gaabor brand's ace product, the Gaabor fume-free air fryer series, brings a new experience to people's kitchen life. The popular Gaabor 4l air fryer recipes, such as Supreme Burritos, Sun Egg Bagels, Korean Cream Cheese Bread, etc., are based on the most common ingredients in people's kitchens, and the cooking process is very simple.


Top-selling Appliance Brand Gaabor: Bringing Food to Life

Erwan Heussaff, a well-known content creator, said on his digital video channel FEATR: "In a modern society where everyone is health-conscious, the advent of the Gaabor air fryer has brought fried food back into people's gourmet options." He shares on YouTube. Here's a cooking tutorial that presents popular Gaabor recipes with the Gaabor Fume Free Air Fryer.

As the ace product of the Gaabor appliance brand, the Gaabor Cyclone air fryer 3ltr is equipped with a Gaabor Cyclone air cold and heat circulation air guide system, which can speed up the cooking speed and ensure that the food is heated evenly to the greatest extent, and retain the moisture of the food itself. Make food taste delicious and retain more nutrients.

In addition, from the perspective of users, Gaabor adopts the Accurate segmented precision cooking system and the Oil-Fume oil filter system in the Gaabor fume-free air fryer to make the cooking process of food more intelligent, stable and accurate temperature control, and as much as possible. Reduce food fat and oil, and provide users with a healthy and secure eating experience.

The popularity of various Gaabor recipes has allowed people to discover more possibilities for food and kitchen life. Even the most mundane ingredients, when cooked with care and the support of the Gaabor fume-free air fryer, can be rejuvenated to surprise users and their family and friends.

As a German home appliance brand that sells well in Southeast Asia, Gaabor hopes to bring a better kitchen experience to people in Southeast Asia, so that people can use their hearts for love, share love, and pass on love.

Gaabor: Feel the love from fresh food

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Gaabor, a German home appliance brand, is driven by the needs of "Generation Z" and is committed to providing users with a smart, convenient, healthy and rich life experience with a series of high-quality and warm products.

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