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Sep 07 , 2023

Cleaning and Maintenance Methods for Electric Barbecue Stoves

With the development of the kitchen appliance industry, electric barbecue stoves have become a new way for people to cook. In the past, we needed to grill barbecue with charcoal fire ourselves, which was troublesome and could be unsafe. Now it's different, everything becomes convenient with electric barbecue stoves. However, in order to make the use of electric barbecue stoves last longer, it is necessary to understand their cleaning and maintenance methods. So what are the knowledge related to the cleaning and maintenance of electric barbecue stoves?

Cleaning steps for electric barbecue stoves

1. Soak in detergent and clean water for half an hour, then scrub with a soft dishcloth.

2. Remove the grill mesh and oil drip tray, clean them with a soft dishcloth, never use a metal ball to scrub.

3. Dip a little diluted detergent water and wipe the machine casing and heating tube, remember to wait for the heating tube to cool down before wiping.

4. Rinse the grill mesh and oil drip tray under the faucet.

5. Use a soft cloth dipped in clean water to gently wipe off the detergent on the machine.

6. After cleaning, let the electric barbecue stove and parts dry, pack them into the storage box, and wait for the next barbecue.

Cleaning precautions for electric barbecue stoves

Maintenance methods for electric barbecue stoves

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