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Sep 10 , 2023

Tips for Using and Selecting an Electric Egg Beater

Understanding electric egg beaters

Electric egg beaters are faster and easier to make cake batter with, but they are more likely to cause gluten formation in the dough. Therefore, it is best to use a manual egg beater to mix the batter. If you don't have an electric egg beater, you can still make perfect pastries with a manual one. Electric egg beaters can be divided into handheld electric egg beaters and stand mixers with bowls.

Handheld electric egg beaters on the market usually have a power range of 180W to 300W. It is recommended to choose one with a power of around 250W to 300W. If the power is too low, it is not easy to whip things, and the product is also prone to burning. Another very important point is the egg beater's whisk and stirring hook. For health reasons, it is recommended to buy ones made of stainless steel.

Stand mixers with bowls, also known as electric egg beaters with bowls, are essentially handheld ones with an added base and a rotating mixing bowl on top. This is both convenient and labor-saving. Generally, beaters with bowls have a high cost-performance ratio if they can knead dough. During beating, they can be separated to become a handheld electric egg beater. Typically, they have a power range of 300W to 500W.

Tips for buying electric egg beaters

How to use an electric egg beater?

First, take a large bowl with a wide opening and use an electric egg beater. Make sure everything is dry, with no water or oil.

After putting the egg whites in it, add a few drops of lemon juice or white vinegar. Then beat until the foam is almost invisible.

At this time, add one-third of the granulated sugar and beat until it reaches a wet foam. You will see a significant increase in volume.

Then add another one-third of the granulated sugar and beat until you can lift a blunt angle with the egg beater.

Add the remaining sugar and beat until you can lift a sharp angle. When you invert the bowl, the beaten egg whites will not fall out, indicating success.

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