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Feb 28 , 2022
Gaabor brand: 9.9 big promotion with many good gifts to enjoy

Gaabor brand: 9.9 big promotion with many good gifts to enjoy

Under the long-term influence of the epidemic, online shopping has become an important consumption channel for people. The arrival of the Shopee 9.9 Shopping Festival every year means that the year-end shopping season in Southeast Asia officially kicks off. Gaabor, a home appliance brand from Germany, actively participated in this promotion at Shopee Mall.

Recently, the Gaabor brand announced the promotion plan to be launched during the Shopee 9.9 Shopping Festival. During the shopping festival, Gaabor brand products are greatly discounted, with discounts as low as 34% off, with a maximum drop of ₱1700.

On this basis, the official Gaabor store will also launch an exciting lottery activity - among the orders placed on September 9, 5 people will be selected, whose payment will be waived, 10 people will can enjoy a 50% discount, and shopping coupons with a total value of up to 3 million will be distributed.

Gaabor: 9.9 Big Promotion, Multiple Gifts, Big discount

Impress the market with sincerity

The Shopee 9.9 Shopping Festival is the first big promotion that the Gaabor brand has participated in since it officially entered the Southeast Asian market. For this reason, the Gaabor brand has launched the current largest discount of Gaabor products such as dust mite machine in the Southeast Asian market on Shopee Mall, hoping our customers can enjoy a big discount.

The Gaabor brand is committed to providing users with a smart, convenient, healthy and rich life experience, impressing many consumers with a series of high-quality and warm products. The ultra-low profit margin of this promotion activity once again reflects the temperature of Gaabor brand. Consumers can buy high-quality home appliances such as the multifunctional electric oven, at the lowest price.

At the same time, the Gaabor brand provides after-sales service for all products that have quality problems within one year of purchase, featuring only replacement but not repair, so that consumers can buy with confidence and use them with peace of mind.

Best selling products at the lowest price

During the Shopee 9.9 Shopping Festival, Gaabor's smokeless air fryer series and rice cooking machine series, the hottest products, which are popular with young consumers, will reach the lowest prices.

Recently, in terms of the kitchen household appliances that continue to attract the attention of fried food lovers, Gaabor smokelss air fryer series, in this big promotion, the price of its popular GA-M35A is only ₱875. The ultra-low price has drawn the attention of cooking fans.

For more information on Gaabor's offers at the Shopee 9.9 Shopping Festival, please visit the official Gaabor store:

About Gaabor:

Gaabor Household Appliances, driven by the needs of "Generation Z", focuses on the research and development and production of high-quality household appliances, providing users with German ingenious and high quality products. In 2021, Gaabor will officially enter the Asian market.

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