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Jan 25 , 2024

Why Should You Purchase an Electric Barbecue Plate?

Nothing beats a barbecue in the open backyard, right? But what about loyal barbecue enthusiasts who don't have space for a traditional barbecue setup? Or backyard chefs in urban areas restricted by property limitations or fire regulations that prohibit cooking over an open flame? They shouldn't have to miss out on the joy of barbecuing - and with an electric grill, they don't have to. 

Understanding the electric barbecue plate

An electric barbecue plate provides all the flavors you know and love without an open flame, allowing you to cook your way in more places. Instead of cooking over fire, like with gas, charcoal, or other popular fuel types, they use electric heating elements below the grilling grates. This design allows the electric barbecue plate to be used safely in most apartments, hotels, and anywhere else you'd typically have to give up barbecuing.

Advantages of the electric barbecue plate

Barbecue in more places

Flame restrictions commonly found in apartments don't apply to electric grills as they use radiant heating elements instead of an actual fire.

Less smoke with electric barbecue plates

Unlike other fuels, electric barbecue plates don't produce smoke unless fat drips onto the heating elements and evaporates (which is actually moderate).

More heat with electric barbecue plates

Think you need an open flame for high temperatures? The electric barbecue plate elements not only sear steaks, but can even reach up to 700 ℃.

Great taste

Contrary to popular belief, electric barbecue plates still produce that grilled taste. High temperatures create a caramelized crust, and fat drips evaporate into delicious smoke.

Easy to use

Simply plug the device into a dedicated outlet with sufficient amperage, then control the temperature through a simple dial or digital control.

Easy to clean

No charcoal or wood means no ash, but it's even better - components like grilling grates and heating elements are often removable and dishwasher-safe.

Safety features

For your protection, higher-end electric barbecue plate come with built-in timers and automatic shut-off functions, ensuring the grill doesn't stay on indefinitely.

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