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Apr 07 , 2023

Tips for Choosing an Egg Beater Machine

Understanding the Egg Beater Machine

The egg beater is a great help when it comes to making food. We recommend the Gaabor GE-M02A egg beater, which has a copper wire motor for longer-lasting power, five gear speeds for easy control, a stainless steel dual rod for versatile use, and a 200W high-power motor that requires little to no waiting time.

How to Choose an Egg Beater Machine

For those who are buying an egg beater machine for the first time, it may be difficult to know what to pay attention to. Here are some points to consider when selecting an egg beater machine:

Confirm the thickness and number of supporting bars

The egg beater machine is not only used to whisk cream, but also to mix or blend ingredients, so choose the appropriate model according to your specific needs.

Egg beater machines with skinny and multiple mixing arms: can quickly whip up foam

An egg beater machine with thin and numerous supporting bars can quickly whisk ingredients, achieving a fast and airy result. It is also easier to make delicate and dense foam, making it suitable for making whipped cream and egg white foam. In addition, double-layer egg beater machines with stainless steel mixing balls in the middle, wire-wound designs on the front end, or spring-style egg beaters with handles that can be moved up and down are all models that can quickly whisk ingredients.

Egg beater machines with thick and sturdy supports are suitable for mixing harder ingredients

Since flour or unmelted butter itself has weight, it may be difficult to mix with a model with thinner supporting bars. In this case, it is recommended to choose an egg beater machine with thicker and harder supporting bars. Furthermore, if a model with high hardness, such as stainless steel, is selected, it is possible to crush and mix ingredients at the same time, which improves work efficiency.

Egg beater machines with fixed supports are suitable for making dipping sauces and gravies

There are also egg beaters on the market where the front end is fixed and similar to a stirring stick. Since the supporting bars are less likely to shake, unnecessary air does not get mixed in, making it suitable for making dipping sauces or gravies. In addition, this type of egg beater machine can also be used for making Tamagoyaki or hot cocoa drinks, making it very versatile.

Consider the Material

The egg beater machine's supporting rod is mainly made of two materials: stainless steel and silica gel. The ease of use varies greatly depending on the material, so choose a model that suits your usage habits.

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