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Dec 07 , 2023

What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying an Electric Eggbeater?

Understand the electric eggbeater

With the improvement of living standards, baking has become everyone's attitude towards life. As a baking enthusiast, a cost-effective and high-quality electric eggbeater is essential. The egg beater makes cake making easier. From beating eggs to whipping cream, the egg beater is a commonly used tool.

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Factors to consider when buying an electric eggbeater

Material of the beater

The beater is in direct contact with the ingredients, so the material must be safe and reliable. Some beaters may rust or peel after long-term use. It is recommended to choose stainless steel whenever possible. In addition, it is not recommended to choose beaters that are too thin or too soft. Although they appear to be faster with multiple wires, they may deform or break when beating slightly harder ingredients.


It is recommended to choose an eggbeater with higher power. For example, for sponge cakes, high-speed beating of the whole egg is required. If the power of the egg beater is not enough, it will take a long time to whip. The common power range of eggbeaters is between 50W and 300W. It is recommended to choose the one with higher power when the prices and other conditions are equivalent.

Weight of the body

If it is only for beating egg whites, the time is fine, but if it is for beating the whole egg, it will take a little longer. If the body of the egg beater is heavy, it will be tiring to hold it for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a lighter body weight under the same conditions.

Heat dissipation

The eggbeater operates at high speed, generating significant heat in a short period of time. Therefore, heat dissipation is crucial. Some electric eggbeaters do not have a dedicated heat dissipation design, and the body will feel hot after one or two minutes of use, even emitting a burnt plastic smell. Therefore, when choosing an eggbeater, choose one with dedicated heat dissipation vents to avoid overheating of the machine.


An electric eggbeater operates at high speeds, so sound is inevitable. We can try to choose one with lower working sound to avoid disturbing others.


A beautiful kitchen tool can improve the mood and make us more willing to use it. So, among the same functions and price range, find one with high appearance value that you like.

In addition to these aspects, price must be considered when purchasing. After all, the electric eggbeater is part of the baking peripherals. It is not cost-effective to buy it at a price higher than the oven. But if the price is too low, you also need to consider whether it can be used well.

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