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May 20 , 2022
German Design Gaabor: Let Users Enjoy Good Things Easily with YouTube

German Design Gaabor: Let Users Enjoy Good Things Easily with YouTube

On October 27th, the German home appliance brand Gaabor will welcome Gaabor's brand day promotion on the Lazada platform. On the day of the event, Gaabor is offering up to 30% off all items in its official Lazada store. To this end, Gaabor has cooperated with the video website YouTube, and will share this good news with more people on YouTube's opening page on the 27th.

Regarding this cooperation with YouTube, Branden, head of Gaabor Asia Pacific, said: "Gaabor has always been very concerned about the needs and preferences of young consumers. YouTube, as a popular video communication platform in the world, has attracted the participation of many young people. Gaabor hopes that through this cooperation we can be closer to young consumers and attract more young consumers with high-quality and warm products.”


German brand Gaabor: Let users enjoy good things easily

A thousand-yuan fryer that responds to the needs of Generation Z

The Gaabor brand is committed to providing users with a smart, convenient, healthy and rich life experience, and has impressed many consumers with a series of high-quality and warm products. Since the Gaabor appliance brand entered the Southeast Asian market in September, its ace product, the Gaabor fume-free air fryer, has attracted the attention and praise of many young consumers, and has been setting off a "fryer trend" on social media.

On October 27th, in Gaabor's Lazada official store, the price of Gaabor's fume-free air fryer GA-M4B is as low as 1049 yuan, making it a well-deserved king of cost-effectiveness among similar products. This once again reflects the temperature of the Gaabor brand, allowing consumers to buy high-quality home appliances at the lowest price.

A variety of choices, considerate service

As a German brand that has been in the home appliance industry for more than 30 years, Gaabor's products are very rich. In addition to different types of air fryers, there are also a series of smart appliances that help people create a better home life, such as Gaabor smart rice cookers, Gaabor electric kettles, and Gaabor juicers. Gaabor can provide people with smart home solutions in all aspects, and is committed to providing people with a better home life experience.

According to the needs of different consumers, Gaabor brand products provide consumers with very rich options in terms of product capacity, function options, operation methods, and even appearance colors. At the same time, the Gaabor brand provides after-sales service that all products have quality problems within one year of purchase, only replacement but not repair, so that consumers can buy with confidence and use them with peace of mind.

Driven by the needs of "Generation Z" and focusing on the research and development and production of high-quality home appliances, Gaabor's home appliance brand provides users with German ingenuity and quality products in an all-round way, allowing users to easily enjoy good things.

Gaabor: Feel the love from fresh food

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