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Sep 22 , 2023

The Difference between Manual and Electric Egg Beaters

The egg beater is also one of the essential tools for making desserts and baking in households. There are manual egg beaters and electric egg beaters. What are the differences between the two and when are they used? Manual egg beaters are mainly used for beating eggs, beating butter, and stirring ingredients. Electric egg beaters are mainly used for beating egg whites and whipping cream, saving time and effort.

The usage methods of manual egg beaters and electric egg beaters are different

As the name suggests, manual egg beaters rely on the hands to beat the egg whites and yolks. It requires more physical strength, and people often cannot persist for long.

Electric egg beaters are faster and more efficient compared to manual egg beaters, but if operated improperly, they can damage the machine and cause harm to oneself. Therefore, correct operation is required. First, install the stirring rod or dough hook onto the egg beater. Note that if using the dough hook, insert it into the right hole of the egg beater. Then, put the ingredients in a container, preferably one that is not easily scratched, to avoid scraping the container during the operation of the egg beater.

Manual egg beaters and electric egg beaters have different applicable scenes

Manual egg beaters

When making cookies and pastry crusts, manual egg beaters are usually used for beating butter. It is best to use a manual egg beater when mixing cake batter, as using an electric one can make the batter tough and affect the taste. For making chiffon cakes, electric egg beaters are used for beating egg whites, while manual egg beaters are used for beating egg yolks. Since chiffon cakes need to have a soft texture, it is also recommended to use a manual egg beater instead of an electric one when incorporating flour. Manual egg beaters can be used for mixing Western salad dressings, stirring eggs in Chinese cuisine, mixing butter, and making simple batter.

Electric egg beaters

Electric egg beaters are generally used for highly whipped egg or batter, especially when making cakes and whipping cream. The high-speed rotation of the motor allows the egg whites or cream to be fully beaten into a stiff foam in a short time, which cannot be achieved by manual labor. GE-M02A egg beater has a copper wire motor for longer durability. It has 5-speed control for flexible adjustment and stainless steel double bars for dual use. With a powerful 200W motor, there is almost no waiting time.

The essential difference between manual egg beaters and electric egg beaters lies in the fact that one is manually operated while the other utilizes the rotation of an electric motor. Each type of egg beater has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to adjust flexibly according to one's actual needs.

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