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Mar 09 , 2023

Delicious Braised Rice in a Multi Rice Cooker

Before, the best use for old-fashioned rice cookers was to steam rice. Compared to the traditional cooking method of rice cookers, multi rice cookers are more convenient and faster for cooking rice.

What is a multi rice cooker?

Multi rice cooker has three major characteristics: "good taste while cooking, reservation and timing, and multiple functions." They are fashionable, convenient, and a trendy kitchen appliance popular for modern living. The working principle of traditional mechanical rice cookers is to control the temperature of the pot bottom using the principle of magnetism, which is heated and loses magnetism and restores magnetism after cooling; while the working principle of multi rice cookers is to use a microchip to control the temperature of the heating element and accurately control the temperature of the pot bottom. Gaabor's GR-N18A rice cooker has a large capacity of 1.8L, suitable for 3-4 people; steaming, frying, cooking, and various dishes can satisfy your appetite; food-grade non-stick coating is easy to clean and maintain; with two heating modes, you can control it at any time.

Using a multi rice cooker to simmer rice

If you want to eat fried rice but don't want to spend all summer in the kitchen, let the multi rice cooker simmer rice for you, because raw meat is used, so the ingredients are processed in advance.

Cooking tips for using a multi rice cooker to simmer rice: since you can't see the water level, you need to rely on your intuition. The water should be slightly less than usual. Too much water will result in a pot of porridge because the ingredients will release some moisture. Those with kitchen scales can weigh it accurately. Compared to cooking fried rice, this saves some labor and is worth a try, especially during summer when you don’t have to be in front of the stove all the time.

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