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Aug 02 , 2022

FAQs about Using the Air Fryer Everyday

Most families buy airfryers, and they are more interested in healthy food. In fact, many of the food we eat every day need to be fried to taste good, but fried food is really a waste of oil and unhealthy, especially when it is high in calories. It may also induce a variety of diseases, so many families have turned to some healthier steaming methods to make food. But I have to say that steaming is often not as delicious as frying. At this time, an airfryer can solve many problems, such as Gaabor's GA-M6A airfryer, 360° three-dimensional hot air circulation, heating evenly; dual temperature Double control knob, easy to operate; 6L large capacity, easy to handle family dinners; the inner pot has a non-stick coating, easy to clean; 8 functional menus for multiple meals a day.

1. The problem of air fryer taste

After all, a lot of frying is not used, so many foods may not reach a very high standard of frying taste using an air fryer. However, in most cases, a relatively good taste can be guaranteed. Generally, fried chicken wings and fried shrimp can actually maintain the same taste as traditional frying. We only need to set the time and temperature of the airfryer, generally not much of a problem.

2. The problem of heating the air fryer

No matter what type of air fryer it is, the problem of heating should be taken into account, so as to ensure good results. Generally speaking, small household appliances may not have a large capacity, and can satisfy the food intake of three or four people at most. However, it is not required to add a lot of ingredients at one time, which may also have a very large impact. The uneven heating will definitely affect the taste of the food. Therefore, it is generally recommended to spread the food properly and place it evenly inside, so as to avoid the hole at the bottom from being blocked, resulting in the lack of air circulation, so the ingredients must be spread out for use.

3. The problem of cleaning the air fryer

Although the current airfryers are easy to clean, the drawer-style fryer basket design can be directly removed for cleaning, which is very convenient. And many frying pans are coated with non-stick pans, which have a high safety factor and are more convenient for daily use. However, the steel ball brush cannot be used when cleaning, which may damage the coating on the surface, and the subsequent use is not safe enough. And after all, it is heated at high temperature every day, so you must do a good job of cleaning the air fryer every time, otherwise it may also cause stains to accumulate, and subsequent cleaning will be very difficult.

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