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Feb 16 , 2023

Recipe for Salt-Baked Chicken and Pumpkin Congee in Rice Maker Cooker

Rice Maker Cooker Salt-Baked Chicken

The Recipe for Rice Maker Cooker Salt-Baked Chicken:

1. After thoroughly removing the blood from the whole or half chicken, rub off the scales, wash it clean and drain off the water. Use kitchen paper towels to dry the surface moisture;

2. Measure 9 to 12 grams of sea salt per 500 grams of chicken (if sea salt is not available, regular table salt will do);

3. Spread the salt over the chicken surface, inside, and side (do not neglect the crevice between the wings, legs and the body of the chicken), and massage thoroughly until the salt is applied all over;

4. Clean the rice maker electric and put the salted chicken into it, cover it and press the cooking button. Dry-cook it for the first time until the button pops (for rice maker electrics that do not pop, please observe closely: the chicken's own steam will evaporate and cook it);

5. Add half a bowl of water to the pot, cover it, and continue baking until the water dries out and oil comes out. Check with a chopstick to see if it is soft enough. If it is not soft enough, then add a small amount of water and continue baking until the oil comes out again;

6. Tear the finished chicken into pieces and mix thoroughly with the oil juice baked in the rice maker electric, then enjoy it.

Tips for Rice Maker Cooker Salt Baked Chicken:

How to Cook Pumpkin Congee with Rice Maker Cooker

The Ingredients for Rice Maker Cooker Pumpkin Congee:

1.5 kg pumpkin, and 6 liang glutinous rice.

The Method:

1. Cut 1.5 kg of pumpkin into even smaller pieces and wash them clean for later use.

2. After washing the glutinous rice clean, it is best to soak it in clean water for another 30 minutes. This can ensure that the rice fully absorbs the water and the overall taste of the congee will be better.

3. Put the glutinous rice and diced pumpkin into the pot, add an appropriate amount of clean water, and make sure that all the raw materials are covered and exceed at least 15 cm above the surface.

4. Adjust the time of the rice maker electric to the congee cooking mode and wait for the pumpkin congee to be cooked.

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