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Dec 01 , 2023

How to Use an Electric Grill Plate for Roasting and Barbecue: Tips and Precautions

Many people enjoy meat, especially when barbecuing. So how can you make delicious grilled meat and barbecue at home? An electric grill plate is perfect for barbecuing at home as it produces less smoke, is safe and hygienic, and is convenient and quick. So what is the method for grilling meat and barbecue on an electric grill plate?

Method for grilling meat on an electric grill plate

Ingredients: 250g pork belly, salt, cooking wine, 1 teaspoon of light soy sauce, barbecue powder, black pepper powder, chives


1. Wash the pork belly and slice it thinly.

2. Add salt, cooking wine, light soy sauce, barbecue powder, and black pepper powder to the sliced meat. Mix well and marinate for at least 30 minutes.

3. Brush a layer of oil on the electric grill plate and evenly spread the marinated meat slices on it. Cook over medium heat.

4. Flip the meat slices over when one side turns golden brown.

5. Once both sides are cooked, it is ready to eat.

6. After grilling the meat, put the chives on the electric grill plate and cook on both sides until done. Sprinkle with barbecue powder.

7. The grilled chives are very fragrant.

Method for barbecue on an electric grill plate

Tips for using an electric grill plate

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