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Jun 19 , 2024

Gaabor as a Portable Juicer Supplier Provides the Best Possible Way to Get Fresh Juice!

With people's increasing attention to healthy living, juicers have become one of the essential kitchen appliances for families. Portable juicer has won the favour of consumers for its compact, lightweight and easy to carry features. There is a fierce competition among portable juicer suppliers. Gaabor, as a strong competitor among portable juicer suppliers, focuses on the research and development of portable juicers, which has won the support of consumers.

Types of Portable Juicers

The common types of portable juicers are: rechargeable on-the-go juicing cups, rechargeable portable juicers, plug-in portable juicers and so on.

Rechargeable Portable Juicer

The cutter head is on the lid, the appearance is the same as our usual cup of water, the volume is small, easy to carry, go wherever you go to bring where. But the power relative to the usual juicer, will be worse, may squeeze ice or other hard objects box on the worse.

Rechargeable Portable Juicer

The head of the knife is in the base, because there is a base, relatively heavy, some juicers are equipped with an additional cup body and lid, so that you can take it outside. With the rechargeable type, it is more convenient and fast.

Plug-in Portable Juicer

Similar to the rechargeable juicer, except that the renewal method is plug-in, the power will be relative to the first two answers, the number of cutter head is more, you can squeeze ice or other hard ingredients.

Advantages of Portable Juicer

Tips for buying a portable juicer

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity represents a charge can squeeze a few cups of juice, it is recommended to choose a larger battery capacity, otherwise you have to charge it often, it is recommended to choose more than 1800mAh;

Power Display

It is recommended to choose a power display, more convenient and energy-saving;

Cup Body Quality

Common cup body quality on the market: food-grade pc plastic cup, Tritan material, PCTG material, etc., it is recommended that: preferred Tritan material.

Blade Material

There are two common: 301 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel, recommended: 304 stainless steel than 301 stainless steel;

Knife Head Speed

If you want to squeeze out the juice is relatively dense, it is recommended to choose the speed of 2000r/min or more;

Gaabor shows significant advantages among portable juicer suppliers. Its products are designed to be compact, lightweight and portable, so that users can easily use them in various scenarios. At the same time, Gaabor focuses on technological innovation and integrates intelligent elements into its products, making the juicing process more convenient and efficient. In addition, Gaabor's juicers have a strong juicing capacity and a variety of functions to meet the needs of users for juicing different ingredients. In terms of quality, Gaabor always insists on strict quality control to ensure the stability and durability of its products, which has won the trust of consumers. These advantages make Gaabor stand out among portable juicer suppliers and become the preferred brand in consumers' mind.

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