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The GWEICH Family ——
Jan 10 , 2023

New Kitchen Must-have: Airfryer

In recent years, many families have added a new home appliance -air fryer that ensures low-fat and nutritious food, allowing us to enjoy delicious fried food without the need for oil frying, thus ensuring our health status. This fryer requires only a small amount of oil, or no oil at all, to fry very tasty food, and the taste of the food is not much different from that of traditional fried food.

Introduction to Airfryer

The principle behind air fryer technology is the rapid circulation of air. During the frying process, air is heated to 200℃ through the top baking device and then is quickly circulated into the food basket for rapid circulation. This allows food to come into contact with the circulating hot air and drive high-temperature small oil droplets, ensuring rapid heating while making the food crispy. The delicious food made by the air fryer is almost the same as traditional fried food, yet it minimizes the intake of oil and fat.

The cooking process of the air fryer uses very little oil, which can significantly reduce calorie intake and avoid the negative impacts of oil frying on health. With this new technology, minimal oil or just a little oil can be used to cook delicious food. This is particularly advantageous for people with high blood pressure, high sugar, and high cholesterol. It enables them to effectively control their calorie intake, treat their taste buds, and achieve two things at once.

Choose Gaabor Smokeless Airfryer

Gaabor Smokeless Air Fryer is a kitchen appliance that has attracted the attention of many fried food lovers. As the flagship product of Gaabor, a home appliance brand, Gaabor Smokeless Air Fryer is committed to providing users with a healthier experience of frying food at home.

No matter what you want to cook (such as fish, chips, chicken, or doughnuts), after setting the menu, the Gaabor Smokeless Air Fryer will cook your food precisely according to the set temperature and time, making your food crispy with only half a spoon of oil required. The GA-M35A model, a Gaabor Smokeless Airfryer, features 360-degree three-dimensional hot air circulation ensuring uniform heating; one-knob switching, timed and temperature-controlled, makes it convenient and quick; with a 3.5L large capacity, it satisfies the needs of the whole family; and with six functional menus, you can also cook like a chef.

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