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Mar 17 , 2022
Gaabor's Sales During the First Double Eleven Period Were Successful: Top Five in the Small Kitchen Appliances in Southeast Asia; Second in the Kitchen Catering

Gaabor's Sales During the First Double Eleven Period Were Successful: Top Five in the Small Kitchen Appliances in Southeast Asia; Second in the Kitchen Catering

The Gaabor brand officially launched in Southeast Asia in October this year. In the first "Double Eleven", Gaabor won the fifth place in the small kitchen appliances category and the second place in the kitchen catering category on the shopee e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. Among them, Gaabor's official online flagship store in the Philippines sold more than 10,000 products on Double Eleven, a record high.

gaabor-won-the-double-11-for-the-first-time.pngGaabor's Sales During the First Double Eleven Period Were Successful

Strong growth

Since Gaabor launched its e-commerce platforms in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia in September this year, it has successfully built a complete e-commerce sales network in various markets, providing many consumers with a smart home life experience. Despite continued challenging market conditions that are affecting the global consumer electronics industry, Gaabor achieved strong sales growth in all regional markets within two months of entering the Southeast Asian market.

"Under the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have achieved solid performance with the strength of our brand and the advantages of continuously improving products. The sales performance of this Singles' Day shopping festival gives Gaabor more confidence to meet the challenges ahead." Branden, head of Gaabor's Asia-Pacific region, said, "We have expanded our product line from kitchen appliances to household appliances. New products such as vacuum cleaners and dust mite removal machine have been launched, which will bring more affordable and good products to Southeast Asian consumers."

Product advantages

In line with the brand temperature of "Share delicacy dass love", Gaabor has always focused on the research and development and production of high-quality home appliances, and continuously optimized the product structure. Our products include smart kitchen cooking series such as handheld electric egg beater, smart personal care series, smart home cleaning series, etc. Moreover, we provide consumers with a one-year warranty free replacement service.

gaabor-leader-of-smart-home-appliances.pngGaabor, Leader of smart home appliances

In this "Double Eleven" shopping festival, Gaabor's various high-quality smart home appliances that meet consumer needs and aesthetics have become popular in e-commerce sales, such as Gaabor's ace product, the Gaabor fume-free air fryer series. Gaabor air fryer integrates the core technologies of several Gaabor brands, and ranks among the top five in the e-commerce sales rankings of the home appliance industry in many countries on the double 11 day by virtue of the product's own strength. In addition: Gaabor intelligent cooking machine, Gaabor electric kettle, Gaabor electric egg beater, Gaabor vacuum cleaner, etc. also performed well.

Gaabor, a home appliance brand, insists on deepening its global development strategy. Through active development in the Southeast Asian market, it steadily increases its market share in the global small home appliance market, and is committed to providing more users with a smart home life experience.

Gaabor, Share delicacy dass love.

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