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The GWEICH Family ——
Jan 01 , 2023

New Kitchen Appliance: Airfryer

Many families have added a new household appliance to their kitchens in recent years - the air fryer. It truly guarantees low-fat and nutritious food, allowing us to enjoy delicious fried food without actually deep frying it, while ensuring our health. This type of fryer requires only a small amount of oil or even no oil at all to produce very delicious food, and the texture of the food is very similar to that of traditionally deep-fried food.

Understanding the Airfryer

The principle of the air fryer mainly involves the technology of high-speed circulating air. During the frying process, the air passes through the top baking device and is quickly heated to 200 degrees. The hot air then enters the food basket through a high-power fan and circulates quickly, allowing the food to come into contact with the circulating hot air, driving high-temperature small oil droplets and ensuring rapid heating and crispy texture. Delicious food made through the air fryer is basically no different from traditional deep-fried food and is equally crispy, but with a significant reduction in fat intake.

The cooking process of an air fryer only requires a very small amount of oil, which can significantly reduce the calorie intake while avoiding the negative health effects of oil-fried food. Therefore, the advantages are apparent. With the use of new technology, the air fryer can cook delicious food with little to no oil. This is a crucial factor for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high blood sugar. This method can effectively control their calorie intake while satisfying their taste buds, killing two birds with one stone.

Choose the Gaabor Smokeless Airfryer

Gaabor Smokeless Airfryer is a kitchen appliance that has gained a lot of attention from those who love fried food. As the star product of the home appliance brand Gaabor, the smokeless air fryer is committed to providing users with a healthier homemade fried food experience.

No matter what you want to make (such as fried fish, French fries, chicken, or doughnuts), after setting the menu, the Gaabor smokeless air fryer will accurately cook the food based on the set temperature and time, producing crispy food. For example, in just 10 to 12 minutes, users can use only half a tablespoon of oil to make a batch of crispy potato chips. The Gaabor GA-M35A air fryer has a 360% three-dimensional hot air circulation system, even heating, and the knob opens, timed and temped, without waiting, making the 3.5L super capacity sufficient for the needs of the whole family, and the six-function menu allows you to be your own chef.

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