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Fried Fresh French Fries

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Fresh Potato500g
Edible OilAbout 10-15ml
SaltA Little

Cooking Method

1. Wash the fresh potatoes and cut them into strips (as thick as the chopstick);

2. Soak the French fries in water for at least 20 minutes, then wash the starch on the surface with water, and then drain off the water;

3. Prepare a right amount of oil and salt, stir them with the French fries, and be sure to stir evenly;

4. Put the French fries into the frying basket of the air fryer as flat as possible;

5. Heat the air fryer to 100℃ for about 3-5 minutes, and dry the remaining water in the French fries (it is very important);

6. Set the time to 15-20 minutes at 200℃ according to the actual amount of French fries in the fryer;

7. Add salt or seasoning powder (seaweed powder, curry powder, powdered cinnamon, etc.) until the fries turn golden, and dip in tomato sauce.


Take out the frying basket to shake or turn over every 5-10 minutes, prevent  French fries from sticking to the fryer. The shaking time and frequency are not so absolute, and may be adjusted according to the amount of fries. You can grasp the rule when operating once.

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Operating difficulty
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