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Jul 25 , 2022

Make Breakfast with a Portable Juicer

Ⅰ. About the portable juicer

Now the portable juicer has been upgraded to a mini cooking machine, and more and more methods have been developed by netizens, especially for a small amount of ingredients. It can be said to be all-rounder. Make a blender to make all kinds of meat puree, and it can also be used as a baby food supplement. After all, the baby has too few ingredients, and only a portable juicer can do it. All kinds of homemade drinks, all natural and no additives, save a lot of money for milk tea. Using a portable juicer machine can also make some drinks with strong aroma and smooth taste, suitable for breakfast or afternoon tea. The Jiabao juicer is simple to operate, easy to use, and wireless for juice extraction; easy to clean, detachable blades, and rinsed clean; small size, no space for carrying and storage, powerful core, long battery life; the cups of the portable juicer are all Portable cup, you can carry it with you, beautiful and practical.

Ⅱ. Breakfast recipes with a portable juicer

In daily life, for many office workers, they hope to have a glass of fresh juice at any time. Because the long-term work pressure makes people very tired, and facing the computer all the time will also affect the skin of the face, so drinking a glass of fresh juice can not only supplement nutrition, but also benefit the health of the skin. However, it is impossible to carry a household juicer with you in the company. If you squeeze it in advance, it will cause the juice to be stale. So it is very good to buy a mini portable juicer at this time, so what are the recipes for the mini portable juicer for breakfast?

Breakfast must be fine and nutritious, so as to ensure the smooth completion of work tasks in the morning. The specific recipes can be referred to as follows:

1. Tomato juice. As we all know, tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and very low in sugar. Drinking a cup is not only nutritious but also healthy.

2. Banana milk. Juicing bananas and milk together in the morning is fragrant and delicious, and can supplement protein and calcium, so that people will be full of energy in the morning.

3. Orange juice. Drink a glass of orange juice in the morning, you can get enough vitamin C, and it is a good breakfast with eggs and bread slices.

4. Apple juice. We all know the truth of keeping an apple a day away from the doctor. Juice the apple and add milk, which is sweet, sour, and nutritious. All four of these juices are suitable for morning consumption, and you only need to buy a mini portable juice extractor to achieve it, and it is worth trying.

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