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Feb 04 , 2023

How to Cook Mixed Grain Porridge with Rice Cooker?

Electric rice cooker tips for cooking mixed grain porridge

Precautions for different populations when eating mixed grain porridge

For those who have poor digestion, they can consider using less soybeans, black beans, etc., because they are indeed difficult to digest. You can add some warming glutinous rice and more stomach-nourishing brown rice. Starch beans and health ingredients should be fully soaked before cooking. The electric rice boiler can soften them more, making them easier to digest.

For diabetics, it is the opposite. Don't add glutinous rice, white rice or sugar. You can use oats, barley to increase viscosity, and add more than half of the beans to help control the speed of blood sugar rise.

For those who want to lose weight, the key is to chew and feel full. Don't add ingredients that are too easy to digest, such as glutinous rice and white rice, and don't add sugar. You should add more starchy beans with thicker skin, such as various beans and red beans, to make the texture of the porridge soft but not mushy.

As for children's mixed grain porridge, you can add chopped nuts and dried fruits to increase the sweet aroma and help them eat this healthy food happily.

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