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The GWEICH Family ——
Mar 11 , 2023

Multipurpose Electric Cooker Lazy Chicken Recipe

Multipurpose electric cooker is a master at making chicken, creating a soothing and refreshing dish without the need for extra water.

Gaabor's GR-S30A rice cooker has intelligent control, making it easy and effortless to use. With a large 3L capacity, it is suitable for 3-4 people. With a 24-hour reservation feature, your meal will be ready on time. It comes with 6 different menu options, allowing you to become a chef in seconds.

Make Lazy Chicken in Multipurpose Electric Rice Cooker

The fragrant whole chicken is so tender that juice bubbles out from the meat. The chicken meat is shiny and juicy, with elastic chicken skin. While hot, serve it directly or with rice dishes. It tastes amazing.

Braised Chicken Feet in Multipurpose Electric Rice Cooker

You can easily make soft and delicious braised chicken feet with Multipurpose Electric Cooker.

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