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Feb 13 , 2023

What to Do When Your Rice Maker Cooker is Broken and How to Clean It with Lemon

Can rice maker cooker be used to dry fire?

Generally, rice maker cookers have a temperature control system, and they will automatically power off once the temperature reaches 130℃. However, it is not recommended to dry fire as long-term high loads will affect the life of the rice maker cooker. If a rice maker cooker with a dry burn protection device is dry burned, the inner pot's anti-stick layer will detach. If the rice maker cooker does not have protection equipment, it will cause the heating plate to deform, burn the inner pot, and basically, the rice maker cooker cannot be used again.

Can a rice maker cooker be used after drying? Perform a water test to check

To check the condition of the rice maker electric after drying, add some water to the inner pot, plug it in, and if it can operate normally, the rice maker cooker is basically fine and can continue to be used.

What should I do if the rice maker cooker is broken?

Generally, it needs to be sent to the professional repair point. Open the bottom cover of the rice maker electric and observe whether the circuit connecting the heating plate is complete. When pulling the power cord lightly under power-off conditions, check whether there is a short circuit or break due to water ingress. If a disconnection is found, replace it with a new line and install it. When replacing a new wire, pay attention not to let the bare wire touch the shell, bottom cover, etc., to avoid a short circuit. If the electric pen detects that the heating plate is electrified but does not heat, it means that the heating wire inside the heating plate is broken, and a new heating plate needs to be replaced.

Lemon rice maker cooker cleaning method

Diluted white vinegar can also clean the rice maker electric and eliminate residual odors in the pot. However, during the heating process, the water vapor produced will produce a pungent smell. Therefore, natural lemon is a better choice.

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