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Apr 16 , 2023

How to Choose an Electric Egg Blender

Understanding Electric Egg Blender

Electric egg blender is a very simple small home appliance with a very economical price. When we choose, in addition to choosing the desired appearance and brand, we mainly consider its type, power, material, function design, and noise level, and choose a type with high cost performance. The GE-M01A egg blender has a copper wire motor, which has longer lasting power; 7-speed control, the gear can be controlled as needed; stainless steel double bars, one machine can be used for two purposes.

What Parameters Need to Be Paid Special Attention to When Choosing the Electric Egg Blender?

Purchase an electric mixer whisk with a slow start function. If there is no such function, it is recommended to start from a low-speed gear when beating eggs, and then switch to a high-speed gear when the materials are initially mixed. A thick towel is placed under the mixing bowl to prevent slipping and make it more stable. If necessary, it can be slightly tilted or rotated. Do not add too much food.

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