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Feb 28 , 2022
Let's be cool, Gaabor helps you enjoy coze summer life

Let's be cool, Gaabor helps you enjoy coze summer life

As the temperature is rising in summer, when people are challenged by the sweltering heat. Recently, the leading home appliance brand Gaabor launched the "Let's be cool" campaign on the Internet, wishing to share the secrets of staying cool in summer.


Facing the stuffy indoor environment in summer, Gaabor provides you with the one-stop solutions for kitchen, living room and bedroom. Offering you smoke-free kitchens, air purification and rapid cooling, etc., Gaabor brings people all-round care and comfortable home life experience, redefining your summer life.


Caring and healthy home life



 Gaabor, let’s be cool.


When the high heat comes in summer, the modern people are prone to spending up to 90% of the time in air-conditioned rooms with doors and windows closed without ventilation [1]. However, working, studying and living in such an environment for a long time can easily result in the build-up of odors, bacteria and other allergens.


The Gaabor brand masters the real needs of the Southeast Asian market. Starting from its air fryer, Gaabor offers the fresh, fume-free, user-friendly and convenient kitchen life, fully considering the nutritional retention of cooked food and continuously upgrading the core technologies to safeguard dietary health.


Moreover, Gaabor actively launches products that improve the indoor environment, such as smart vacuum cleaners, circulating fans, air purifiers, and mite removal devices to better the indoor environment in an all-round way and improve the quality of home life. It is continuously satisfying the users' brand recognition and happiness.


"Let's be cool", giving you a cozy summer


Recently, the Gaabor brand launches the latest vertical floor-standing fan popular with many users for its simplistic appearance and super performance.


Designed with the latest high-speed circulating air system and 3D wide-angle swing mode, it is equipped with a three-level speed adjustment system. Furnished with the mute running mode for extreme noise reduction, it can allow users to enjoy a comfortable summer anytime and anywhere.



 Gaabor, "Let's be cool" mid-year promotion campaign.


To help people enjoy the ideal summer life by virtue of technology, Gaabor has always been committed to improving kitchen and indoor home environment. This summer, Gaabor launched the "Let's be cool" mid-year promotion campaign in order to better its relationship with consumers again.


Besides promotions at physical stores, Gaabor has also launched the promotions on Philippines' official Instagram and Facebook accounts for various products including Gaabor air fryers and Gaabor vertical floor-standing fans.


For more information about Gaabor products, please log onto the official Gaabor store online and social media accounts:






Gaabor,love in freshness.

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 [1] Klepeis NE, Nelson WC, Ott WR, et al., National Human Activity Pattern Surveys (NHAPS): A Resource for Assessing Exposure to Environmental Pollutants (J Expo Anal Environ Epidemiol"), 2001;11:231-52

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