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Apr 28 , 2023

Precautions for Using a Household Meat Grinder

For people who cook frequently, they should know that cutting meat is really a hassle, especially when it comes to slicing it into thin strips. Not only does the meat need to be cut finely, it also cannot be cut into fragments, making it difficult to master. Many people suffer from headaches because of this, but the emergence of home meat grinders has effectively solved this problem. So, how to use a household meat grinder? What precautions should be taken when using home meat grinders?

How to use a household meat grinder

1. Before using a home meat grinder, it must be cleaned, and attention should be paid to cleaning the washable parts.

2. After cleaning, let it dry before assembling it. After assembling it, connect it to the power supply to see if it can operate normally.

3. Remove the bones from the meat to be minced and cut it into thin, strip-like shapes to avoid damaging the meat grinder.

4. Next, turn on the power, switch on the machine, and let the home meat grinders run. Then, add the meat evenly and frequently.

5. If abnormalities or leakage occur during the operation of the machine, turn off the machine immediately, cut off the power supply, and check whether the machine or the circuit is malfunctioning.

6. After normal use, clean the various components of the meat grinder and let them dry before storing them in a dry place in the kitchen.

What precautions should be taken when using home meat grinders

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