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Dec 15 , 2023

The Usage and Cleaning Methods of Electric Eggbeaters

The eggbeater is a tool used to beat the egg whites or yolks until foamy, and can also mix the egg whites and yolks together quickly. It can be used to make steamed eggs. The egg beater can be divided into manual and automatic types, both of which are very convenient to use.

GE-M01A egg beater, copper wire motor for longer-lasting power; 7 gears for speed adjustment, freely controllable; stainless steel double rods, dual-use machine; GE-M02A egg beater, copper wire motor for longer-lasting power; 5 gears for speed adjustment, freely controllable; stainless steel double rods, dual-use machine; 200W high-power motor, almost no waiting time.

How to use an electric eggbeater?

If it is a manual egg beater, it is very easy to use. Just hold the egg beater and beat it evenly in the egg mixture. If it is an electric whisk, the screw-like rod is used to stir the flour, while the rounded end is used to beat the egg whites. Each time you use it, you need to insert the desired stirring head. After use, remove it and clean it. Generally, there are high and low gears that can be adjusted. Rotating egg beaters should be used. The container with eggs should be placed flat, and then the egg beater should be grasped up and down to beat until it reaches a stiff foaming state. This kind of tool is very useful in our daily life.

How to clean an electric whisk?

An handheld electric egg beater needs to be cleaned well after use. Before cleaning, be sure to unplug the power cord. Only the base and the main unit need to be wiped with a clean cloth. They should never be immersed in water, otherwise, rust may occur easily. Do not use hard objects to clean while cleaning, otherwise, the surface may be easily damaged. After use, the internal accessories should also be removed and cleaned. Some accessories can be soaked in water, but some cannot. They can only be wiped with a clean cloth. Only in this way can the service life of the electric eggbeater be extended. Also, be careful not to use excessive force, otherwise, it may easily damage the utensils and cause breakage. Do a simple cleaning, wash off the debris, and then use a damp cloth to wipe.

There may be some corners that are difficult to clean on the utensil. The corners and edges of the electric eggbeater are relatively difficult to clean, so you need to use a sponge cup brush for cleaning. This will save time and be more convenient.

After reading the above introduction, everyone should have a certain understanding. People who like to make desserts, delicacies, and cakes at home need to use an electric whisk. Therefore, it is a very practical tool, and it is important to choose a good quality one that can be used for a longer time. It is also important to clean it well after use.

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